How Long Does It Take a Moving Company to Move Your Stuff

How Long Does It Take a Moving Company to Move Your Stuff

One of the first few questions that come to a person’s mind about moving is How Long Does it Take A Moving Company to Move Your Stuff? If you are stuck on the same issue, then no worries. This article will answer all of your doubts and questions. Many factors can have a great impact on your moving time. Therefore, let’s discuss all of them step by step.

How Long Does It Take a Moving Company to Move Your Stuff | Type of Movement & Movers

The very first thing that should be considered in this matter is whether the person moving from one apartment to another or from one state to the other state. The average time for long-distance moves is about six to seven weeks. We are talking about the day you reserve the moving professionals, and the day you unpack your final belongings. If you are moving from one state to another, Interstate Moves may take a bit longer. Obviously, you can expect a shorter moving window if you are moving locally from one apartment to another.

How Long Does It Take a Moving Company to Move Your Stuff | Most Influential Factors

Factor number one and a very influential factor when it comes to the time of moving stuff is distance. The longer the distance, the wider the wait. The second one is the amount of furniture you have, especially, the heavy stuff. Moreover, a ton of packed boxes will also be going, to test your patience on a moving day. Ignoring proper research and as a result, ending up hiring amateur bad movers is our third factor. The inexperienced movers will arrive at your place on a moving day without the proper equipment, a task-suitable truck, and a sufficient number of people. All this will lead to prolonging the moving period.

Things You Can’t Control

How Long Does It Take a Moving Company to Move Your Stuff? Above we only discuss the factors that can be taken care of, and we will deal with all this stuff later in this article, but we also need to understand that they are things we can’t control. The things that might happen at the time you are about to move. These things include heavy rain and natural disasters such as a hurricane or an earthquake. Although, it is nobody’s fault still it can increase the time of moving your stuff from one place to another.

How Long Does It Take a Moving Company to Move Your Stuff | Planning and Organization

Not paying proper attention to planning and organizing your move, dude you are asking for some serious troubles. This is the part where most people fail and then they accuse movers of delays. If you ask 100 moving companies about the delay in the tasks, you will get the same answer “customer didn’t act on the plan they told us”.  Therefore, we are going to highlight some major flaws you can make in your planning phase to make your move a lot longer than expected.

Packing & Disassembling

The most prominent first flaw of people’s planning is to think they have it all covered, so they don’t need to rush in packing and disassembling things. Never do that, I guarantee you won’t be able to pack and disassemble all your stuff in the last few moments. As a solution, always pack all the unnecessary items a month or at least two weeks before the actual moving day. Also, disassemble all the beds you don’t often use with home gyms, entertainment centers, and tables.


The next thing on our list is wrong labeling. When moving make sure you label each box carefully, whether you are packing necessary or unnecessary stuff. This will not only help you in your new house but your movers as well. They will place everything right where it should belong in your new home, which will relieve you from a lot of work later on. Not only that, but the movers will also know this way, which box contains the delicate items, so they will practice caution during the loading and unloading phases. Otherwise, wrong labeling will cause mixing up all the items of different rooms, nature, and categories.

Junk & Useless Inventory

How Long Does It Take a Moving Company to Move Your Stuff? A very common mistake people usually do is that they carry useless junk for no reason everywhere they go. Look, if you do not need something, please donate it to someone who needs it. If it is something no one wants, then please get rid of it. Useless junk will not only increase the time of moving but may also affect the cost as more useless stuff means more space. Note that I am not talking about the special stuff, you might get from your parents or someone you love. I know that is important, and you should treasure it, but please let go of the other useless items.

Hiring Movers & Preparation of Permit

The fourth flaw in planning is when you don’t hire a complete moving service, at least a month before the moving day. You need to avoid this flaw at all costs. Make sure that you hire the movers at the right time, and update them with your daily planning so that they come prepared on a moving day with all the necessary equipment and manpower. Secondly, if your house or city area needs a moving permit, then acquire it in advance. On the other hand, if you are planning to move on your own, then gather as much help as you can, and rent a truck before the month.

Heavy Items

People usually handle the heavy stuff in the most wrong way possible. The chances of such negligence are higher in DIY Moves. Professional movers take less time in loading heavy items as compared to non-professionals. The probability of losing a precious and expensive heavy item due to mishandling is also lower with professionals. Be sure to remove all loose items from wardrobes and dressers beforehand so you won’t have to do it on the day.

Canceling and Scheduling Utilities, Cable and Internet Services

Another serious mistake people make is that they shift their focus on the important stuff such as Cable and Internet Services and Cancelling or Scheduling the Utilities at the last moment. Don’t take such risks or otherwise, these smaller things can give you a bigger headache than any other mistake you will make on a moving day.

Positioning the Loading Truck and Shortcuts

One of the best wisdom you can do to lower the time of moving stuff is to get the knowledge about all the shortcuts from your current position towards the destination. This way, you will be able to plan an effective and fastest route with movers to move your stuff in the shortest time possible. Also, position your loading truck as close to your door as possible, as it will speed up the process of loading the stuff a hundred times. Remember, effective communication with the movers is a great key to fast and safe moving.

How Long Does It Take a Moving Company to Move Your Stuff | Conclusion

How Long Does It Take a Moving Company to Move Your Stuff? The best way to avoid longer moves is to minimize flaws on your side as much as possible by following the steps mentioned above and by hiring a professional mover after proper research.

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