Bizarre Cultural Practices That Are Still Being Carried Out in the World

Bizarre Cultural Practices That Are Still Being Carried Out in the World  

Today we are going to explore some bizarre cultural practices that are still being carried out in the world. No doubt, we can experience the world in a way no one else before. Now, cultures are mix and spread due to globalization.  Top of Form

Furthermore, every culture possesses its own attractions. Moreover, you can the history behind all these different cultures and traditions. However, not all of the cultures are attractive.

Instead, there are some weird rituals still happening around the world. Therefore, let’s peek into how diverse people’s beliefs and traditions can be. Also, we are going to explore some of the strangest customs still happening in different places around the globe.

Teeth Filing in Bali: A Tradition of Beauty and Maturity

Firstly, we have a strange tradition that takes place in Bali, Indonesia where people do something really unique called teeth filing. This cultural practice is also known by the name “Potong Gigi.” To simplify, people file their teeth to make them look smooth and even. What’s more, they perform it, especially on the front teeth. This tradition goes way back and is connected to Hindu beliefs. According to their beliefs,  it is their way of telling others they’re growing up and becoming adults. Moreover, they think it helps them be less greedy, angry, and jealous, making them more mature and peaceful inside.

The Yanomami Endocannibalism: Honoring the Departed through Consumption

Secondly, from bizarre cultural practices around the world, we have a Yanomami Endocannibalism. In simple terms, Yanomami is the name of a tribe from the Amazon rainforest, in Brazil and Venezuela. Basically, if anyone dies in their community they cremate their bodies and mix their ashes in soap made from plantains. After that, they eat the soup and believe, this way dead person’s spirit stays inside them. Not only that, they believe the spirits will protect them even after death. This practice is known as endocannibalism.

Bullet Ant Initiation Rite of the Satere-Mawe Tribe

Now another of the strange customs and traditions around the world is the bullet ant glove ritual. The Satere-Mawe tribe in the deep Amazon jungles of Brazil performs this ritual. Furthermore, these people have a pretty intense initiation rite. Moreover, you never want to try this if you’re not brave.

In the ritual, young boys aspiring to become men must prove their courage by allowing bullet ants to sting them. What’s more, these ants are no regular insects but they possess a really powerful venom. The young ones make gloves out of the ants, with their stingers facing inwards. These boys then have to wear them for a long time. Obviously, it hurts a lot because the venom is super painful. However, they still do it willingly as they believe this will help them to become stronger, tougher, and wiser.

Walking on Fire: The Hindu Thaipusam Festival in Malaysia

Every year in Malaysia, followers of Hinduism come together to celebrate Thaipusam, a festival dedicated to Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity. One of the most eye-catching parts of this festival is the self-mortification rituals that devotees take part in to show their dedication and seek forgiveness for their sins. Some participants pierce their bodies with hooks and skewers, while others practice “fire-walking,” walking on hot coals without any foot protection. Despite its apparent pain and danger, these participants enter a trance deeply connected to their faith, guiding them through the experience.

The Aghori Sadhus of India: Embracing the Taboo

Now on the number four the ritual we have is very different from customs around the world andperformed by Aghori Sadhus in the heart of India. What’s more, it is a sect of Hindu ascetics who challenge societal norms and religious conventions. Furthermore, Aghoris believes in transcending the duality of good and evil, embracing all aspects of existence, including that which is considered taboo by society. In addition, these rituals involve consuming human flesh, using human skulls, and meditating on cremation grounds. Through these practices, Aghoris seek to attain enlightenment and liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

Baby Tossing: The Harmful Tradition of Throwing Infants in India

People in the world know about the Hindu festival of Janmashtami. However, what they don’t know is a strange and dangerous tradition that happens during this festival. They toss their infants from a height, reminiscent of how Lord Krishna was raised by his foster parents according to legend. Furthermore, the purpose of this festival Janmashtami is to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. It is celebrated in parts of India like Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Even with safety measures in place, such as using nets to catch the babies, this ritual, known as “baby tossing” or “Dahi Handi,” remains extremely dangerous for the infants’ safety and health. Top of Form  Therefore, a lot of people criticize this tradition and want it to stop.

Scarification: Ritualistic Body Modification in Africa

In many African cultures, like the Maasai, Dinka, and Nuer tribes, there’s a tradition called scarification, which involves cutting the skin to make decorative scars. Furthermore, these scars are carefully done in fancy patterns or designs. Moreover, Scarification has different meanings, like marking important life moments, showing cultural identity, or just making yourself look more attractive. They usually use sharp tools like knives or razor blades to do it, and sometimes it’s part of a bigger ritual or ceremony for special occasions.


In conclusion, the world is a fascinating tapestry of diverse cultures and traditions, some of which may seem bizarre to outsiders but hold deep significance for those who practice them. Furthermore, from teeth filing in Bali to scarification in Africa, these rituals offer a glimpse into the rich heritage of humanity. Moreover, while some practices may raise eyebrows, they are a testament to the resilience and diversity of human expression. As we marvel at these Bizarre Cultural Practices That Are Still Being Carried Out in the World, let’s remember the importance of respecting and preserving cultural heritage.

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